Train Your Team

Would you like to designate one of your employees to be a champion of your workplace drug and alcohol testing program?  We can train and certify them in the proper procedures to safely perform collections in your organization.

Employee Training

Substance Abuse in the Workplace Training for Employees focuses on the US Department of Transportation or DOT drug and alcohol testing program, the impact of substance abuse in the workplace, and drug and alcohol tolerance and dependence. Our training program is on-site and also includes information about the addition of semi-synthetic opioids to the DOT drug testing panel as well as ways to avoid prescription drug abuse.

Supervisor Training

Reasonable Suspicion Training for your Supervisors focuses on the employer’s role in the DOT testing program, assists supervisors in recognizing signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse and misuse, and reviews reasonable suspicion documentation processes and decisions to refer an employee for testing. The training program also provides information on the addition of semi-synthetic opioids to the drug testing panel and notes the lack of impact states’ marijuana initiatives have on the DOT drug testing program.

Designated Employer Representative Training

This training module provides your Designated Employer Representative (DER) a review of your organization’s drug and alcohol testing program manual. The contents covered include policy development, program maintenance requirements, and general program oversight.

Specimen Collector Training

Secure Testing Service offers training for both urine drug screen collection and breath alcohol testing. These training classes are conducted by our DATIA-certified professional collector trainer and can be done onsite or in our Richmond headquarters office.

Training Programs for Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

Urine Drug Screen Collector Training

Focuses on the collector’s role in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s urine drug screen testing program. The training includes step-by-step instructions, collection site and documentation requirements, how to handle problem collections such as temperature gangue errors and insufficient quantity of urine provided by donors. Mock collections and a written test are included. This class is for both collector certification and recertification.